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When Crab Was King: The Rise and Fall of the Kodiak King Crab Fishery

A Year-long radio project of the Kodiak Maritime Museum

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CRAB Season 2 Tom Thissen Overboard

Tom Thissen tells the story of how he and another crewmember were washed over the F/V Epic. He spent roughly 20 minutes in the water.
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CRAB Season 2 Lots of New Boats and Crew Runs April 27 thru May 3, 2011

The fishery grew fast necessitating more boats and more guys to run them
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CRAB Season 2 Pete Kendrick Man Overboard Runs April 19 to 25, 2011

Pete Kendrick tells the story of how synergy among a crew, and a quick decision saved the life of a man on the Irene H
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CRAB Season 2 City of Seattle Sinks Runs April 13 to 20, 2011

Tom Trosvig recalls the sinking of the brand new crabber City of Seattle.
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CRAB Season 2 WBH 29 Kodiak Peggy Dyson Runs March 23 to 30 2011

Peggy Dyson was the Voice of the Fleet. She gave the weather updates twice a day every day. At the time, she was on of the few contacts fishermen at sea had.
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CRAB Season 2 Lines nylon sinks polyprop floats Runs March 15 to 22 2011

Fisherman Nick Szabo and store owner Norm Sutliff talk about how crab line usage developed. Also comments from Bob Moody.
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CRAB Season 2 Toby Sullivan Fishing on the Madre Dolorosa Runs March 9 to 16, 2011

The Madre Dolorosa sank with its crew and was raised. Toby fished on the Madre Dolorosa as a young crab fisherman.
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CRAB Season 2 Cowboy Cobis Bells Flats Hippies Runs March 1 to 8, 2011

Cowboy Cobis (Jim Cobis) came to Kodiak in early 70s, lived in Bells Flats, worked in canneries and had lots of fun during the crab years.
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CRAB Season 2 Gene Lorenson Runs Feb 22 to 28, 2011

Gene Lorenson recalls working in a cannery that had been converted from a WWII ammo ship.
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CRAB Season 2 Oliver Holm remembers 1964 Quake and Tsuanmi Runs Feb 15 to 22, 2011

Oliver Holm was fishing herring bait in the harbor with his father Norm when the earthquake hit. The F/V Neptune was at the dock but was saved. Then was lost just a few days later in a storm.
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CRAB Season 2 Where did the come from? Runs Feb 2 to 9, 2011

Dr. Guy Powell talks about reports he heard of "first encounters" between commercial fishermen and the giant King crab
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CRAB Season 2 What Town Was Like - Bars and Money

Crab, bars, money all seemed to go together. Comments on what it was like and how the money flowed in the mid-1970s.
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CRAB Season 2 A Buck a Crab Runs Jan 18 to 25, 2011

Crab fishermen were paid a buck a crab for each of the huge king crab they delivered.
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CRAB Season 2 What Town Was Like - Housing

There were more fishermen and cannery workers than there were places to stay. Fishermen got creative.
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CRAB Season 2 Norm Holm was Passionate About Keeping Fishermen Safe Runs Jan. 4 to 11 2011

Norm Holm was Kodiak's marine surveyor during much of the King crab era. He saw first hand the pain and heartache caused by unsafe boats and unsafe practices. He vowed to make a difference--and he did.
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CRAB Season 2 Ken Reinke Processing Crab Runs Dec 27 to Jan 2, 2011

Ken Reinke spent two summers processing King crab. He tells how the got the meat out of that hard, spiney shell.
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CRAB 2010 Cecil Ranney Where did the crab go? Runs Dec 21 to 27, 2010

Long-time Kodiak fisherman Cecil Ranney discusses what he thinks happened to the Kodiak King crab.
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CRAB Season 2 Skip Bolton Sea Barb Taking on Water Runs Dec 14 to 20

Skip Bolton recalls the first winter with his new vessel, the Sea Barb, and the broken pipe which nearly sank the boat.
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CRAB Season 2 Emil Norton 33 Years of Processing Runs Dec 7 to 13, 2010

Emil Norton tells of his decades of working in processing plants in Kodiak for more than 3 decades.
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CRAB Season 2 Sea Mac Rescues Little Star Runs Dec 2 to 9, 2010

J Bean tells the story of the Sea Mac hauling the Little Star away from the rocks at Termination Point
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CRAB Season 2 World Record Crab Runs Nov 23 to 30, 2010

Emil Norton's cannery brought in the Official World's Record Crab--Nearly 5 feet tip to top. Another crab may have been bigger.
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CRAB Season 2 Early Crabbing on Iffy Boats Runs Nov 16 to 21

Long-Time Kodiak Fisherman Skip Bolton talks about his first seiner-turned-crabber, the Kukak. "I had to get a new boat or die."
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CRAB Season 2 Origin of Survival Suit Race Runs Nov 10 thru 17, 2010

Part of an AWARD WINNING Series of shows -- Barbara Burch tells origin of Norm Holm Memorial Survival Suit Race
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CRAB Season 2 Safety Then and Now Runs Nov 3 to 11, 2010

Fishermen and others talk about the difference between now and the dangerous heydays of the 60s 70s and 80s.
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CRAB Season 2 Keeping Crab Fresh in Salt Water Runs Oct 26 to Nov 2

With the huge volume of crab coming into town, fishermen often had to wait days at the dock to offload. Various fishermen discuss the challenges of keeping crab fresh in less than desirable water conditions.
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CRAB Season 2 Wayne Baker Man Overboard Runs Oct 19 to 24

Wayne Baker tells the story of rescuing a childhood friend who was washed overboard on the Midnight Sun on Wayne's first crab trip Baker now runs the Trialblazer which was one of the vessels fishing on "The Deadliest Catch".
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CRAB Season 2 Local Crabbers Mix With Russian Whalers Runs Oct 11 to 17, 2010

Peggy Dyson talks about fishing on the Robbie and having to jostle around Russian whaling ships off Kodiak shores.
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CRAB Season 2 Tsunami took out waterfront Runs Sept 4 to 10

Emil Norton recalls the challenges of processing after the 1964 Tsunami
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CRAB Season 2 Peggy Smith 2 Pay differences Runs Sept 28 to Oct 3, 2010

Peggy Smith was one of the first women in the Kodiak King crab fishery. She discusses how little she made compared to brand new male crewmembers. She tells how she finally got her first full crew share.
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CRAB Season 2 Record Crab Catches Runs Sept 21 to 28

Fishermen talk about what it was like to catch so many crab
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CRAB Season 2 Ivan Fox Runs Sept 14 to 21, 2010

Ivan Fox talks about the early years of crab product development
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CRAB Lots of Experiements as Fishery Developed

Part of an AWARD WINNING series of shows -- Tells how fishermen were constantly experimenting and discovering new things about crab and how to catch them.
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CRAB Season 2 Jerry Markham took Crab control case to U.S. Supreme Court Runs Sept 1 thru 8, 2010

Few people realize that a case involving King crab and a young Kodiak lawyer went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. At issue was who would ontrol the lucrative King crab fishery in Alaska. The State of Alaska or the federal government.
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CRAB for Week of Aug 23 to 29

Biologist Guy Powell was a diver who visited crab in "their home."
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CRAb Season 2 Patty Mullen Well Respected Fisherman Runs Aug 16 to 23

Long-time Kodiak fisherman Patty Mullen was well-respected for his work ethic, his concern for the fishery (and individual crab), and for being a mentor to many younger fishermen.
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CRAB Season 2 Gary Stevens on Roy Furfiord, early crab processor

Long-time Kodiak resident Gary Stevens talks about his step-father who started as a fishermen and then processors.
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CRAB Lowell Wakefield was father of crab marketing Runs Aug 1 thru 9, 2010

Mel Morris discusses Wakefield's efforts to develop a market for Kodiak's King crab
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Crab Season 2 Peggy Smith One of First Women Fishing Crab Runs July 21 to 30

Peggy Smith talks about being one of the first women to work on crabbers. She said she didn't have problems with superstitions aobut women on boats because she "worked too hard." Old Norwegian fishermen in Dutch Harbor did have trouble with it though.
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CRAB Season 2 Cash flowed and town grew Runs July 20 to 27

Long-time Kodiak residents Norm Sutliff and Marcy and Harold Jones talk about the differences in town during the big crab years. One was money--cash flowed through town all year long. Another was housing--you could not beg or borrow a place to live.
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CRAB Season 2 FV Peggy Jo built specifically for Kodiak crabbing Runs July 12 to 18

Robbie Hoedel shares the thought behind the design of the F/V Peggy Jo which was "The Queen of the Fleet" during the King crab years.
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CRAB Season 2 Karen Loutensock Runs July 5 thru 12

We Begin our Second Season of New Programs--Karen Loutensock was a dancer and bartender during the heydays of the King crab years. She recalls the fun and the sadness of that period.
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CRAB for week of June 28 Patty Mullen long-time Kodiak fisherman

Patty Mullen is a well-respected fisherman known around Kodiak as an extremely hard worker
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CRAB for week of June 21 Kodiak boys take fishing in stride

Kodiak Harbormaster Marty Owen recalls his days as a crab fishermen in Kodiak.
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CRAB for week of June 15 to 22 Norm Holm

Norm Holm was Kodiak's marine surveyor for much of the King crab years. He was passionate about saving fishermen's lives by prevention and safety.
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Crab for week of June 9 thru 16 Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Marcy Jones talks about raising a fishing family and the dangers of father / son crews
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CRAB for week of June 1 thru 8 World's Biggest Crab

The officially recorded biggest crab was caught by Emil Norton's cannery. There were other big ones, but not officially measured.
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CRAB for Week of May 24 CG Had Fewer Rescue Successes

Former CG helo pilot Jimmy Ng discusses the frustration of not being able to rescue many crabbers.
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CRAB for Week of May 17 Salt Water Fresh Water and Crab (Runs May 17 to 23)

The challenges of keeping crab alive while waiting days in harbor to offload.
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CRAB for week of May 10 Origin of Survival Suit Race runs May 10 thru 16

Part 2 of Award Winning segment on Barb Burch and fishermen safety. Explains how she got roped into starting the survival suit race held each May.
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Crab for Week of May 3, 2010 Barb Burch on Fishing Safety

Part one of two. These stories won "Best Profile" for 2009 by Alaska Press Club.
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CRAB 49 We decided to process crab (Runs April 27 to May 2)

Emil Norton tells about the very earliest days of crab processing
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CRAB 48 Peggy Dyson saw Russian whalers Runs April 21 to 28

Kodiak's early King crabbers had to dart in and out of huge Russian whaling boats which were still allowed to hunt in Alaska waters at the time.
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CRAB 47 Lowell Wakefield had a rough start in crabbing

Mel Morris shares his memories of Lowell Wakefield's early days developing a crab market.
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CRAB 46 Lowell Wakefield Runs April 4 to 11

Lowell Wakefield introduces king crab to housewives across America. Mel Morris discusses Wakefield's supreme marketing skills.
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CRAB 45 Ammo ship converted to cannery following '64 tsunami Runs March 29 to April 6

Gene Lorenson recalls his days as a teenager working in an old army ammo ship that had been converted to a cannery following the 1964 earthquake and tsunami
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CRAB 44 Tsunami wiped out waterfront Runs March 21 thru 28

Emil Norton recalls what he did when they announced that a tsunami was coming. And what he found when he went to check on his cannery.
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CRAB 43 Norm Holm was passionate about keeping fishermen safe Runs March 15 to 21

Norm Holm was Kodiak's marine surveyor during much of the big crab years. He saw first hand the death and heartache that could be prevented if only the boats and gear were safer.
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CRAB 42 So Many Crab Runs March 8 to 15

There were a lot of crab--then those crab had babies and there were even more crab
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CRAB 41 Record Catches Runs March 1 thru 7

Fishermen describe what it was like to catch so many crab
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CRAB 40 Coast Guard couldn't use survival suits Runs Feb 15 to 21

Jimmy Ng tells of days as a Coast Guard helicopter pilot. Since they were so new to the industry, the Coast Guard couldn't use the "untested" surivival suits.
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CRAB 34 Soggy Luggage and Dried Bananas Runs Jan 18 to 24

Ivan Fox recalls the days of dreaming up products using king crab and finding different ways to sell crab to the 1950s and 60s housewife
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CRAB 33 Emil Norton 36 Years Processing Runs Jan 11 to 17

Emil Norton started work in a cannery as a kid and retired after 36 years (with a break for WWII)
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CRAB 31 Diving to Study Crab Runs Jan 4 to 10 2010

Bilogist Guy Powell says the best way to study crab is to dive into the ocean and visit their homes
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Crab 31 Lot of Experimenting with Gear Runs Dec 29 thru Jan 3

Since they created the fishery from scratch, crabbers were constantly trying new ways to fish
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CRAB 30 Lazarette is Achille's Heel of Crab Boats

Tom Trosvig talks about a major cause of vessel sinkings during the crab era
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CRAB 29 World's Biggest Crab Runs Dec 15 thru 22

Biologist Guy Powell tells the story of Emil Norton's huge crab.
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CRAB 28 A cycle or were they overfished Runs Dec 7 thru 13

Biologist Guy Powell thinks the crab boom was part of a cycle and they'll come back.
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CRAB 27 Three Fleets vie for Kodiak crab Runs Nov 30 to Dec 6

Robby Hoedel explains the politics he saw of three fishing fleets vying for Kodiak's crab
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CRAB 26 Where did they all go Runs Nov 23 to 29

Cecil Raney discusses what he thinks happened to the crab
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Crab 25 Russian whalers mix with Kodiak crabbers on the grounds Runs Nov 16 thru 23

Peggy Dyson recalls working on the Robby and witnessing Russian Whalers catching and slaughtering whales off Kodiak
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CRAB 24 More Bars than Churches Runs Nov 9 thru 16

Dr. Bob Johnson recalls the days when there were literally more bars than churches during the crab heydays.
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CRAB 23 Nylon and Polyprop customized for crab fleet Runs Nov 2 thru 8

Fishermen were always trying new materials and modifying them to suit the type of fishing needed to catch crab
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CRAB 22 Norm Sutliff on How town grew Runs Oct 26 to Nov 2

Norm Sutliff ran Kodiak's harborside hardware and supply store. He tells how crab brought cash to town.
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CRAB 21 Fishing on the Madre Dolorosa Run Oct 18 to 24

Toby Sullivan worked on the Madre Dolorosa after it was raised. He tells what it was like.
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CRAB 20 Raising the Madre Dolorosa Runs Oct 12 thru 16

Bob Moody tells of rasing the sunk crab boat Madre Dolorosa. It went down in the 60s with all hands. Three bodies were found on board.
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CRAB 19 Sinking of Madre Dolorosa Runs Oct 3 to 11

First of 3 parts. Great story of a crab boat that sank, was raised, went back on the grounds.
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CRAB 18 Salt Water Good, Fresh Water Bad Runs Sept 28 thru Oct 3

One thing fishermen learned quickly was that they needed to keep their vessels away from fresh water sources, like streams and rain run-off.
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CRAB 17 Gene Lorenson Worked in the Cannery the Last Year of King Crab Fishing

Gene Lorenson grew up in Kodiak. His dad worked in a cannery, his uncle worked in a cannery and he, himself, worked in a canery the last King Crab season. Of, course, at the time no one knew it would be the last year of the big King Crab fishery.
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CRAB 16 WBH 29 Peggy Dyson voice of the fleet Run Sept 14 to 20

Peggy Dyson gave the fleet the marine weather twice a day. And she gave them a whole lot more.
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CRAB 15 Patty Mullen a well-respected long-time fisherman

Patty Mullen was a highliner crabber--even though he had a small boat
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CRAB 14 F/V Peggy Jo built specifically for Kodiak crab Runs Sept 1 thru 6

The Peggy Jo was built as a crabber so it could go farther out. She was the "Queen of the Fleet". And the first boat designed specifically for crabbing around Kodiak.
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CRAB No13 Origin of the Kodiak Suvival Suit Race

Barb Burch tells how the event got its start
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CRAB No 12 Barb Burch committed to fishing safety

**Winner Alaska Press Club Award for Best Profile 2008 2nd Place"
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CRAB 11 Sinking of the City of Seattle Runs Aug 10 thru 16

Tom Trosvig tells the story of the City of Seattle's first--and last--fishing trip.
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CRAB 10 Where did they come from? Runs Aug 5 thru 11

There have always been crab around Kodiak Island. But, for some reason there was a boom in the crab population.
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CRAB 9 Lots of New Boats and Crews (Runs July 27 thru Aug 2)

A lot of guys got jobs by just showing up--there were that many new boats and crews
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CRAB 8 Keeping the home fires burning (Runs July 20 to 27)

Fishing was dangerous. Crabbing more so. But Kodiak's Marcy Jones learned not to worry about her husband and boys fishing together on the same boat
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Crab 7 A buck a crab Runs July 12 thru 18

Nick Szabo recalls getting paid roughly a buck a crab
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CRAB 6 A lot of creating going on (July 5 thru 11)

Part of an award-winning group of stories tell the story of the crab industry's development.
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CRAB 5 It was an evolving thing Runs June 28 thru July 3

Award Winning segment with Jim Pearson detailing changes in crab fishing
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CRAB 4 They stay alive if you take care of them Runs June 22 thru 28

Crab must be kept alive until they are processed. You can't freeze them until they've been cooked. Back in the early decades of crabbing fishermen didn't have water recirculating tanks to hold the crab, like they do now.
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CRAB 3 We decided to process crab June 15 to 21

Emil Norton talks about how he helped his cannery convert from the long-time staple, canned salmon, to the new product--canned crab
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CRAB No 2 Cash flowed and town grew (Runs June 8 thru 14)

Crabbers had lots of money to spend and town grew
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Crab 1 You could see them from the plane June 1 thru 8

This week we begin the series over. Thanks to our listeners and radio stations for thier support.
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Best of the Year 2 of 2

More voices taken from episodes through the year.
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Best of the Year's Voices 1 of 2

As we finish the series we let the people involved with the King Crab fishery tell their stories
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Barb Burch Obsessed with Fishing Safety (Runs May 11 thru 18)

Award-Winning segment on Barb Burch and the Survival Suit Race--FOR CRAB FESTIVAL
Listen / Details

Carmen Lunde Was Loved by the Guys (Episode 49 Runs May 5 thru 13)

Carmen Lunde owned Solly's Office. She cashed checks for fishermen on weekends and listen to their troubles.
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They ripped up $100 bills just because they could. (Episode 48)

Carmen Lunde Worked at, Then Owned, Solly's Office, a popular bar in Kodiak's Mall.
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Lowell Wakefield Had a Rough Start in Crabbing (Episode 47)

Mel Morris tells the story of Wakefield's early years. If you know only about his success, you're missing a big part of his early years processing crab.
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Lowell Wakefield Was Called the Father of the King Crab Industry

Mel Morris worked for Lowell Wakefield. Wakefiled was the person who was obsessed with marketing crab
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Navy Ammo Barge Turned Cannery (Episode 45 Runs April 7 to 13)

Gene Lorenson remembers many childhood romps through the Icey Cape barge that was turned into a cannery after the 1964 Earthquake and Tsunami
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The Tidal Wave Destroyed the Waterfront (Episode 44 Runs March 31 to Feb 7)

The 1964 earthquake and tsunami cause havoc for Kodiak's fishing fleet.
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Norm Holm was Passionate about Fishing Safety (Episode 43 Runs March 23 to 30)

Norm Holm was Kodiak's marine surveyor during the big crab days. He saw a lot of accidents and comforted a lot of fishermen's families when boats went missing.
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Repeat of Norm Sutliff's piece on working with fishermen to develop the best crab line

Mr. Sutliff died in the fall of 2008. It was a big loss to the fishing community and the town of Kodiak.
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Lots of New Boats and Crews (Runs March 9 to 18)

Things moved fast during the hey days of crabbing. From green crewmemeber to skipper in just a few years.
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So Many Crab...The Record Catch Grows Up (Episode 42 Runs March 1 to 9)

The young crab that would grow up to be the peak season's catch clustered in massive balls you could see from the air.
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Record Catch 90 to 100 million pounds of Crab (Episode 41 Runs Feb 16 thru 23)

Kodiak Fishermen talk about catchiing so much crab
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Coast Guard Couldn't Use Survival Suits (Episode 40 Runs Feb 9 to 15)

Coast Guard Captain Jimmy Ng tells how they struggled to get survival suits on aircraft
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Challenges of Alaska Crab Rescues (Episode 39 Runs Feb 3 to 9)

Jimmy Ng says the long distances made for fewer rescues
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Constantly Changing (Episode 38 Runs Jan 24 to Feb 3

Fishermen constantly scrambled to keep up with changes in the crab fishery
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Kodiak boys took fishing in stride (Episode 37 Runs Jan 20 to 27)

Kodiak Harbormaster Marty Owen crabbed in 1970s
Listen / Details

Kodiak boys take fishing in stride (Episode 37 Runs Jan 20 to 27(

Kodiak Harbormaster Marty Owen fished crab in 1970s
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A Fishing Family (Episode 36 Runs Jan 12-19)

Marcy Jones talks about being the "fisherman's wife" to Harold Jones
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Patty Mullen Used Tangle Nets Then Shifted to Pots (Episode 35 Runs Jan 4 thru 11)

Tangle nets require much effort to get crabs free intacted
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Soggy Luggage and Dried Bananas Different Ways to Sell Crab (Episode 34 Runs Dec 28 to Jan 3)

Ivan Fox talks about the first crab cannery and different ways people tried to sell crab
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Kodiak's Emil Norton worked with Kodiak canneries for 63 years, minus 2 for WWII

Emil Norton worked in the cannery starting at age 14
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Diving for Crab (Episode 32 runs Dec 14 to 20)

Kodiak biologist Guy Powell says the best way to study cra b is to spend time with them--down deep in the ocean.
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Early Experiments with Crab Products (Episode 31 Runs Dec 8 to 13)

Ivan Fox talks about crabbing in the 40s around Kodiak and the efforts to develop new products.
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Lazarette is Achille's Heel of Crab Boats (Episode 30 Runs Dec 1 to 7)

Lazarettes are the farthest stern void and can be a killer.
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The World's Record Crab (Episode 29 Runs Nov 23 to 29)

Biologist Guy Powell personally measured World's Record Holder. It was washed to sea in the Tsunami.
Listen / Details

Was it a cycle or were they overfished? (Episode 28 Runs Nov 17 to 25)

Bilogist Guy Powell says it was a cycle and crab may come back. Fisherman Robby Hoedel says they were largely fished out.
Listen / Details

The Three Fleets Fishing Kodiak Crab (Episode 27 Runs Nov 10 to 17)

Robby Hoedel talks about the Washington Fleet, the Oregon Fleet and the Kodiak Fleet and thier competing interests
Listen / Details

Where Did All the Crab Go (Episode 26 Runs Nov 2 thru 9)

Cecil Raney says crab were fished out
Listen / Details

Russian Whalers Mix with Crabbers (Episode 25 Runs Oct 26 to Nov 1)

Peggy Dyson tells of her days on the Robby when they had to jog in between Russian whalers fishing off Kodiak's shores.
Listen / Details

More Bars Than Churches (Episode 24 Runs Oct 18 to 25)

Kodiak's Dr. Bob Johnson tells of the changes in town due to the King Crab rush.
Listen / Details

Nylon Sinks Polyprop Floats (Episode 23 Runs Oct 12 to 18)

Kodiak fisherman Nick Szabo and former crabber Bob Moody tell how the invention of modern line made a huge difference in the crab fishery.
Listen / Details

Norm Sutliff Tells the Evolution of Crab Line (Episode 22 runs Oct 4 thru 11)

From manila to wire line to polyprop and nylon. Norm Sutliff owned the hardware and fishing supply store in downtown Kodiak. He's sold it all and he tells how he and the fleet decided which worked best.
Listen / Details

Fishing on the Madre Dolorosa (Episode 21 Runs Sept 28 to Oct 4)

Kodiak fisherman Toby Sullivan fished on the Madre Dolorosa as a 20 year old green horn.
Listen / Details

Raising the Madre Dolorosa (Segment 20 Runs Sept 20 to 27)

Bob Moody tells how he raised the sunken crabber Madre Delorosa
Listen / Details

The Sinking of the Madre Dolorosa (Episode 19 Runs Sept 14 thru 20)

The Madre Delorosa sank with all hands in August 1967
Listen / Details

Salt Water Good, Fresh Water Dead (Episode 18 Runs Sept 7 thru 14)

When canneries got slammed with crab, you had to be careful where you anchored to wait. Fresh water and harbor water would kill the crab.
Listen / Details

Salt Water Good, Fresh Water Dead (Episode 18 Runs Sept 7 thru 14)

When canneries got slammed with crab, you had to be careful where you anchored to wait. Fresh water and harbor water would kill the crab.
Listen / Details

Gene Lorenson Cannery Worker (Episode 17 run Agu 26 to Sept 6)

Gene Lorenson Worked at the Icy Cape Processor the Last Summer of the Kodiak King Crab Season
Listen / Details

WBH-29 Kodiak Peggy Dyson (Episode 16 Runs August 18 to 25)

Peggy Dyson WBH-29 the Weather Lady
Listen / Details

Patty Mullen (Episode 15 Runs Aug 10 thru 17)

Patty Mullen was well-respected pioneer crabber
Listen / Details

F/V Peggy Jo (Episode 14 Runs Aug 3 thru 9)

Peggy Jo was queen of the fleet, built just for this fishery
Listen / Details

Survival Suit Race (Episode 13 Runs July 28 to Aug 3

Origin of the annual Survival Suit Race
Listen / Details

Surviving at Sea (Episode 12 runs July 20 to 27)

Barb Burch tells of her obsession with safety
Listen / Details

The Sinking of the City of Seattle (Episode 11 Runs July 13 to 19)

Coast Guard Marine Safety Investigates Crab Vessel Accidents
Listen / Details

Where Did They Come From? (Episode 10 Runs July 6 to 12)

Crab Biologist Guy Powell tells the story of his friend's first encounter with a king crab
Listen / Details

Lots of New Boats and Crews (Episode 9 Runs June 29 to July 5)

Cecil Ranny was a school teacher when he decided fishermen had more fun.
Listen / Details

Keeping Home Fires Burning (Episode 8 Runs June 22 to 28)

Marcy Jones Talks About Being a Fisherman's Wife
Listen / Details

A Buck a Crab (Episode 7 Runs June 15 to 21)

Kodiak fisherman Nick Szabo fished King Crab in 1966. Crab was 10 cents a pound, or roughly a buck a crab. The season for King Crab ran from July 1st to May 1st.
Listen / Details

A Lot of Inventing Going On (Episode 6 Runs June 8 to 15)

Crabbers describe how they were constantly coming up with new tricks and gear to catch crab
Listen / Details

It Was an Evolving Thing (Episode 5 Runs June 1 to 7)

James Pearson tells evolution of crab gear.
Listen / Details

They Stayed Alive if You Took Care of Them (Episode 4 Runs May 25-31)

Crab pioneer Patty Mullen explains how crabbers designed live boxes to keep crab alive until processing
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We decided to process crab. Converting a salmon processing line into a crab line. (Episode 3)

Emil Norton tells how he first started working with king crab.
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Cash Flowed and the Town Grew (Episode 2)

Long-time Kodiak merchant Norm Sutliff talks about how the town grew. Marcy and Harold Jones discuss the housing shortage.
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You Could See Them From the Plane (Episode 1)

Crab biologist Guy Powell summarizing the crab fishery and Kodiak fishermen Robbie Hoedel remembering what it was like when he was a kid fishing crab.
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