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Banner photos courtesy Kodiak Historical Society Slifer Collection, 70-167-17-2 Learn Collection, 386-66
Historic Photos of Kodiak
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As you stroll along the Shelikof Avenue boardwalk and survey the Kodiak fishing fleet in St. Paul Harbor, you will also see Kodiak Maritime Museum’s unique interpretive signs. These beautifully illustrated harbor panels depict Kodiak’s centuries-old bond with the sea. This is what the Kodiak Maritime Museum is all about: celebrating Alaska's maritime heritage. Join us as we embark on this exciting voyage. Join our crew and become a part of Kodiak’s maritime heritage center building campaign.

Benefits of Membership
  • Your membership is tax deductible (EIN #92-0165430).
  • Each membership entitles you to one vote at our annual meeting.
  • Join at the Deckhand level or above and receive a free KMM Waterfront Guidebook.
  • Join at the Skipper level or above and your name will be listed on our Highliners web page.

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Pick Click Give with PFD

"Pick. Click. Give.", also known as the PFD Charitable Contributions Program, is a safe, secure, and convenient optional way for Alaskans to contribute some of their Permanent Fund Dividend to their favorite nonprofit organizations, including Kodiak Maritime Museum. Pick. Click. Give.

Does "Pick. Click. Give." lessen the amount of my annual dividend amount?
Yes, but only the exact amount you designate to Kodiak Maritime Museum or other 501c3 organizations are deducted from the amount of the annual dividend you receive.

Is it cumbersome to sort through the list of organizations on Pick.Click. Give?
So as not to favor one charity over another the law requires non-profit organizations must be listed in random order on the website "" To make sure you choose KMM or other nonprofit for a contribution, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes at before filling out your PFD application.

How does Kodiak Maritime Museum receive my donation?
When you select to give to Kodiak Maritime Museum through the PFD, we receive that donation as soon as you submit your application. Your gift is unrestricted, meaning we may use your donation to strengthen any of our programs. 100 percent of your donation goes to Kodiak Maritime Museum—there are no service or administration fees.

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