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Kodiak Maritime Museum
Banner photos courtesy Kodiak Historical Society Slifer Collection, 70-167-17-2 Learn Collection, 386-66
Historic Photos of Kodiak
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As Kodiak's newest museum, our current "museum without walls" encompasses several exhibits throughout the community.

Celebrating Our Maritime Heritage: A Kodiak Waterfront Exhibit

Coast Guard Helicopter RescueKMM’s first outdoor exhibit, Celebrating our Maritime Heritage, is a series of interpretive panels that overlooks St. Paul Harbor. With full color illustrations, the panels illustrate Kodiak’s intrinsic bond with the sea — the boats, the species of fish harvested, the fishing families and seafood processors who add to the bustle of Kodiak’s working waterfront.

"Visitors, who naturally migrate to the waterfront, thoroughly enjoy the harbor panels. Now, as they watch the activity on the docks, visitors have a better idea of what they are seeing and what an important role the waterfront plays in our community. It's a value-added experience for the Kodiak visitor, if you will."

— Pam Foreman, executive director, Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors Bureau

The panels pay tribute as well to the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard who are “Always There … Always Ready” to help mariners working at sea and to the teams of fisheries biologists who manage the fisheries to ensure that Alaska’s rich and diverse fish stocks remain healthy and prolific.

Kodiak Waterfront Guide

You'll find this information and much more in our Kodiak Waterfront Guide booklet.

Trapped! Kodiak Salmon Fish Traps Before Statehood

Sledge Brand Coho Salmon LabelKMM's small indoor exhibit at Kodiak College explains how fish traps worked and why Alaskans voted to outlaw them when Alaska became a state in 1959.

Crabbing: Alaska’s Crab Industry

Launching a crab pot
© Karen Ducey 2001

KMM's small indoor exhibit at Kodiak College explains the life history of Alaska’s commercially fished crab and the history and risks associated with Alaska’s notoriously dangerous crab fishing in the icy waters of the Bering Sea.

It’s going very very very slow. It’s so *#!$@&% cold you wouldn’t believe it.
Our anchor is the size of a small car.
We’ve had freezing spray all but 2 days since 2 days before the season.
… Ice breaking is a twice a day thing …

Depressed Yet?
That’s only the small stuff. Wish you were here.

— F/V Determined skipper Bruce Nelson's email message from the crab fishing grounds in the Bering Sea,
January 30, 1995

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